About Us

Baron Hirsch Cemetery was established in 1899, and is a large Jewish cemetery in the neighborhood of Graniteville, on Staten Island, in New York City, and named for Maurice de Hirsch.

The cemetery is composed of about 500 plot or sections belonging to synagogues, Jewish associations, family circles, and most commonly, landsmanshaftn. Most plots are entered via gates or pairs of stone columns. Some of the landsmanshaftn have monuments dedicated to Holocaust victims of the Nazis in their ancestral town.

Our Staff

Baron Hirsch Cemetery’s staff are friendly, empathetic, and ready to help you navigate the burial process. We have in-depth experience working with funeral directors and monument dealers. Our goals at Baron Hirsch Cemetery are to ease your concerns and minimize the effort required to establish your loved ones’ final resting place. We are available at (718) 698-0162 to answer any inquiries.

Our Grounds

What makes Baron Hirsch Cemetery special is our uniquely peaceful rolling, hills, lush tree covered areas and varied species of greenery from area to area. We at Baron Hirsch Cemetery feel that this ecological diversity offers visitors a wonderful array of options to find the perfect surroundings suitable to many preferences.

Notable burials