Cemetery Services (more info)

Baron Hirsch is a unique cemetery with an abundance of tree-lined roads.

Burial Plots

Cemetery Services

Individual and family plots are available.
We have provisions for both in-ground burials and above ground burials.

Cremated Remains Memorials

Our Cremation Garden memorializes those who have been cremated.

We have an above ground columbarium and in-ground burial space adjacent to the columbarium.

Memorial Garden

Cemetery Services

Our Memorial Garden is a place to remember those who are not buried at Baron Hirsch Cemetery.

Annual & Endowment Care

Purchase care for your loved one’s grave-site to ensure that their beautiful resting place is continually maintained. Options include Endowment or Annual Care.

Endowment Care is similar to prepaid but uses the interest generated from the endowed funds to pay for maintenance.  Annual Care is billed annually based on the state-mandated current rate but increases slightly each year to keep up with inflation.

Annual and Eternal Care is heavily dependent upon the weather and the rainier seasons cause faster growth. Therefore, we request that if you have care on the graves, please call ahead, to help us to help you have a pleasant visit.